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Why Vasotrexx?

"Because optimal health is a lifelong goal."

If you are a man over the age of 50, the odds are greater than 70 percent you have some sort of prostate problem. And as you age, it only gets worse. But Vasotrexx is a safe, natural and effective solution for all your prostate troubles.

Vasotrexx is a unique all-natural prostate supplement designed to combat prostate problems and provide long term prostate nourishment unlike any other product on the market. We spent our money on our ingredients, not on fancy ads with high priced celebrities. The result is a product that has a 97% satisfaction rating with our many customers, and a re-order rate that is jaw-dropping. This is because Vasotrexx Works!

It’s the Last Prostate Pill You Will Ever Take!

Our formula is jam-packed with high potency beta-sitosterol, a natural compound that is proven to be the most effective natural compound in the world for reducing prostate swelling, and eliminating the problems associated with a swollen prostate.

Former professional athletes, top businessmen, famous entertainers and men of all walks of life swear by Vasotrexx and we are confident that once you try Vasotrexx, you too will join the legions of men who swear by it and rave about how it has changed their life. Try it today.


Vasotrexx Benefits:

"Naturally Formulated For Prostate Health"

“That's Why You Should Choose Vasotrexx.”

1. Can Vasotrexx be taken with a prostate prescription medicine like Avodart or Proscar?

Vasotrexx is an all-natural dietary supplement that has been shown to be completely safe and capable of being taken with medications. However, in an abundance of caution we recommend you check with you doctors first if you are taking a medication.

2. What is the recommended use for Vasotrexx?

Vasotrexx is recommended as a dietary supplement to help support prostate health. Its primary ingredient is beta-sitosterol, a remarkable natural compound that is found in all vegetables and is widely regarded as the number one compound to promote prostate health.

3. What foods are good for natural prostate health?

To improve and maintain prostate health you should avoid high fats foods like red meat, poultry, dairy and even cut down on eggs. Avoid sugar and excessive alcohol. Get some exercise and if you follow these steps and combine them with Vasotrexx, your prostate problems will be a thing of the past in just a few short months.

4. Does Vasotrexx cure or treat an enlarged prostate?

Vasotrexx doesn’t cure or treat anything. It is a dietary supplement and, by law, NO dietary supplement is allowed to say that it can treat, cure or prevent any disease. What Vasotrexx can do is provide incredible prostate support as a dietary supplement.

5. Are there any side effects of taking Vasotrexx?

Vasotrexx is completely safe and natural and has no known side effects.

6. How do I know if I have an enlarged prostate?

Over 60% of all men over the age of 50 have an enlarged prostate. So right off the bat you have a 6 in 10 chance of having an enlarged prostate. Symptoms of an enlarged prostate are: getting up at night to go to the bathroom, difficulty starting your stream, urgency and weak stream. Just a few of the most classic symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

7. Should anyone not take Vasotrexx?

Any man healthy enough to swallow a pill can take Vasotrexx.

8. How exactly does Vasotrexx help men with enlarged prostates?

By the age of 50 more than 60% of men will experience growing prostate concerns. This problem may not just go away on its own. Vasotrexx’s targeted ingredients work to help maintain the health of your prostate while supporting urinary function. With non-prescription Vasotrexx, you can experience fewer bathroom trips, less waking up during the middle of the night to urinate, and a stronger urine stream with more complete bladder emptying. Many of our users also report an improvement in their romantic life.

9. How long does it take to start noticing results?

Most men start to experience benefits in about 14 days. Some will see results quicker and some take longer, but most men will notice a change in about a few weeks. You will also notice that the longer you take Vasotrexx the better it works. We recommend you give it 60 - 90 days and are extremely confident you will see big results and be a customers for a many years to come.

10. What is the Vasotrexx guarantee?

We offer an no-nonsense 100% 90-day money-back guarantee. So you can try Vasotrexx with complete confidence. Try it for 90 days and if you are not absolutely delighted with the results, we will return all your money with no questions asked, no fooling around. It is a rock-solid guarantee, but you will never use it because you will be too happy with the results you get from Vasotrexx.

11. Can Vasotrexx help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Vasotrexx is designed to help your prostate. As positive side effect is that it will help your sex life, but it is by no means designed to help with erection difficulties.

12. How does Vasotrexx compare to other all natural pills?

We believe Vasotrexx is the premiere prostate health supplement on the market. We use the highest potency ingredients with intelligent ratios and have no wasted ingredients in our formula. Men have used Vasotrexx for over ten years with great success. We believe we have the finest prostate health product on the market.

13. Can Vasotrexx be shipped internationally?

Yes. We ship all over the world. An extra shipping charge of $9.99 to $19.99 will be added to your order depending on what country you are located in.

14. How is Vastorexx shipped?

Vasotrexx is shipped in a plain, padded envelope. It is sent privately and with no identification on the package so your privacy is protected 100 percent. All orders ship within 48 hours.

15. How does Vasotrexx compare to other all-natural pills?

For over 10 years, men taking Vasotrexx have reported its great success. Our strategic prostate-support ingredients make it a premiere prostate health supplement on the market. Each pill contains only the highest potency nutrients with no fillers. An intelligent ratio of beta-sitosterol, caffeine free green tea, stinging nettles extract, and pumpkin seed extract make up our proprietary blend to support your prostate, urinary tract, and fight inflammation.



Vasotrexx is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You may use it for a full 90-days absolutely risk free and if you are not satisfied for any reason, return the bottle and you'll receive a complete refund of your purchase price, less shipping and handling.


From 5 Times A Night to Just 1
I turned 67 this year and unfortunately started waking up with urgency to urinate. It got so bad it was often five times a night. I started taking Vasotrexx three months ago and within maybe two or three weeks, I started to notice that I was only waking up twice a night - a HUGE difference. Last week for the first time I started having nights where I woke up only once! I feel hopeful for the first time since I've experienced prostate issues. I'm going to keep taking Vasotrexx and looking forward to the day I'm not waking up at all.

Gary Stanton, Tallahassee, FL

No Longer Obsessed with the Nearest Restroom
Before taking Vasotrexx, I was always thinking about where the men's room was. Everywhere I went, I had to make sure we were close to one. My wife also got less sleep because I had to get up several times a night to go. I have been taking Vasotrexx for a year now, and the difference is unbelievable. My wife stopped the process of filing for a divorce (just kidding). My relief is no longer centered around finding the nearest bathroom, but about not having to go all the time!

Fred Richmond, Detroit, MI

Regular and Super Ejaculation
My doctor had me on a prescription of "Xxxxxx" and I went along with it thinking he knew best. But I started to experience "irregular ejaculations". I'll spare you the details, but let's just say it wasn't fun... Even though my girlfriend was understanding, I couldn't live with the side effects. After trying some other products, I found Vasotrexx. I was skeptical because none of the others worked, not even what my doctor recommended. It took about a month, but I was amazed that not only did I have a stronger urine stream and less urgency, I had no problems in bed. The spark is back in our romance and we couldn't be happier.

Mark V., Mason City, IA

Whole Flight, No Lavatory
I'm 71 years old and I've been experiencing prostate issues since I was in my late 50's. At the recommendation of a friend, I got some Vasotrexx and could not believe how fast it worked. After years of having to visit the restroom almost every hour or every other hour, I can now go 4, sometimes 5 hours without any urgency. The recent proof was a 4+ hour flight from Los Angeles to Chicago. I DIDN'T VISIT THE REST ROOM ONCE!! Not until we landed. And then I calmly strolled into the gentleman's room.

Anton McMurray, New York, NY

Peeing Like I'm 25
I've been using Vasotrexx for a few years now. It started working slowly about a month in, but now I'm peeing like a 25 year old and sleeping like a baby. I am thrilled that it's safe to use over a long time period, because I honestly don't know what I'd do without it.

John A., Boone, NC

A Lot of What I Need in One Pill
My wife is a research hound, and that's probably why I'm healthy at 83. I like things to be easy, but she was determined to steer me away from prescription meds with horrible side effects and find some prostate supplement that I could take safely. Among other things, she figured out I needed beta sitosterol, green tea extract, pumpkin seed. I hate taking a ton of different things just to keep healthy, so I really didn't want to take all of that throughout the day. Also, the problem with green tea extract is that it usually has caffeine and keeps me awake and affects me in other negative ways. Long story short(er), she found Vasotrexx which has most of the things she pinpointed, including decaffeinated green tea! Thank God I never had serious prostate problems, but now I have 0.

B. Goldberg, Des Plaines, IL

Less Time in the Bathroom = More Time to Enjoy Life
Every day I was experiencing a very weak stream and difficulty urinating. I had to concentrate very hard just to make a trickle come out. I felt so embarrassed taking so long in the men's room. I saw an ad very Vasotrexx online when I was looking up prostate supports, and looking into it, I decided to try it out. I liked that they gave me 90 days just in case I didn't like it, then I could send it back. This made me feel comfortable to try it. I have been trying it for almost two months, and I am spending much less time in the men's room. I see that it's safe to take for a long time, so I am defintely not sending it back. In fact, I'm going to keep ordering it as long as it keeps my bathroom visits this brief, few and far between.

Michael C., San Francisco, CA

No Longer Weary
Thank you, Vasotrexx! I can't believe after 12 years of getting up about three times a night to go to the bathroom, now I'm down to one sole visit... And last night, none!!!! My wife is ecstatic. She's a light sleeper and every time I get up, she wakes up too. Thank you so much, I'm so happy. Now when I wake up, I feel invigorated instead of dreading the weariness of the day -- for both me and my wife.

Colby Schraeder, Peabody, MA

No Side Effects, Except One...
I have been looking everywhere for a prostate supplement that works and doesn't have side effects while I'm taking a different medication. I saw that there are "no known side effects", but just in case, I ran it past my primary care physician. He said give it a whirl, it couldn't hurt. I hate to say it, but I thought if it coudln't hurt, can it help? I was so surprised that it worked, and worked fast. For me, it took only a week before I started to feel a relief of pressure in the prostate area and suddenly I'm peeing like a normal man again. I almost forgot what it that felt like.

By the way, there is one positive side effect. It has helped surprisingly in my sexual experience with my wife. I wasn't looking for that, but I am certainly not complaining!

Harold K. Jenkins Jr., Fresno, CA

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